A Message From Pat and Spyder Regarding the Postponement of our Citrus County Fairgrounds Show

Jun 21. 2013 by User

To clear up what happened tonight and to put to rest any and all rumors…

Deborah Nader, the promoter for the Citrus Fairgrounds charity fundraiser show, failed to meet the contractual obligations for safety.

Our crew arrived first thing this morning to find substandard staging and unsafe conditions...and Nader was nowhere to be found until approximately 3pm!

Despite the repeated attempts of our representatives insisting that the infrastructure of the stage be fixed, by approximately 5pm the situation was still not resolved and it was deemed not safe to put one single piece of our equipment on that stage.  We even had an independent structural engineer called in to assess the situation.  He concluded that the stage was indeed unsafe and required that it be "modified" before anyone would be permitted to perform on it.

By this time (after 5pm) it was now logistically impossible to load in our equipment and do our show (for everyone’s reference, load in normally takes place at9AM to allow enough time to have everything properly set up for the show).

Since this performance was compromised and we were not comfortable with the safety of a jerry-rigged stage, the decision was made to postpone the show until a later date when the safety of the audience and our crew, etc. could be guaranteed.

Please be aware that the fee for the evening has been put into a separate account to be held until the performance takes place....and we vow to reschedule this event with a professional "A" level promoter who will not compromise everyone's safety!

We are sorry to all our fans and the three charity recipients (Wounded Warriors Project, Habitat for Humanity and the United Way) that this unfortunate situation occurred.  Everyone loses.

We hope that this will encourage better and safer business practices by promoters everywhere.

We do not take lightly our obligation to our fans and the charitable organizations. But when it comes to safety, we simply cannot compromise. We were ready willing and able to deliver our show -- but the stage was not! God forbid something would have happened, as we’ve all seen before, and someone were to get hurt.  It’s simply unacceptable to put people in this position and that’s exactly the position we were in. Spyder and I have been performing for 35 years... all over the world... and this is the first time we have ever walked away from a show....ever!  It is difficult to make the tough decisions, but we stand by our decision tonight knowing that no one was put in jeopardy at one of our shows.  The last thing we ever wanted was a repeat of the tragedy in Indiana with Sugarland and the Cheap Trick stage collapse in Ottawa.


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